The Henpecked Husband




Look at that man!

That once good-looking man

I knew him before he got married

I also knew the woman he married

He used to be a very great fellow

Can you see him now?

Look at that hag!

That hag asking him to carry her bag.

I saw her yelling at him for nothing

I saw her asking him to do the washing

I can hear a whack in their room.

Can it be that she smacked his face?

Look at the couple!

Those two acting like everything is cool

I heard them fighting last night

He must have been starved last night

I saw him tremble around her

Can he even be a man for once?

Look at that clock!

I heard he does all the work

I see him dash to work every morning

I see him trudge home every evening

I heard he cooks almost all meals 

Can't he just end it with her?

O poor thing!

How much I pity him.

But the nosy ones are the most pitiful ones

Having others' unzipped zips to zip

While their own shoe laces remain loosened.

Can you for once mend your own tattered clothes?

With love ❤

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