My One and Only Darling



Love comes with a blindfold

And a pair of earbuds

Those heartstrings fetter you

Throw you in a silent room

And play you the sweetest melody

When mama opens her mouth

To draw you water from her well of

This I have seen and this I know

That featherlike thing in your skull

Shuts her mouth in time

Old school papa talks

Despite your unending giggles

But your ears could only hear

The sweet melody from your earbuds

My one and only darling

Heartthrob rubs your heart

The heart he rubs he robs

That feeling gets hold of

A bucketful of water

And on your way it empties it

After kissing the ground

Blindfold rends

Silky heart rends

Earbuds go dud

Drawing you out of fantasy

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