Suffering Innocent



When the elephant trumpets

The weak creature goes into hiding

When the powerful bull charges

The helpless creature starts trembling

Oh, the joy of avenging on the weak

Who had once given you a hard kick.

The vulnerable victim feels implicated on this account

Dear father ate the forbidden fruit but teeth ache her

The views of the attacker and the attacked

Differs as the prayers of a hungry tiger

Differs from that of the chased pheasants

She eats remnants like the rest of the peasants.

Her life is like boats without oars, that

Are going rudderless on a raging ocean

The boats will either get capsized or wrecked

The prey's life is a cloth tattered beyond recognition

It needs no patches but a transformation

Got freed from a tormentor into another abduction.

The real offender had kicked a fine bucket but

She still suffers like a barefoot on burning coals

Her sorrowful smile is all she possesses

There is no light in her eyes

She sees herself as an innocent one being maltreated

So she longs to be vindicated.


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