Isn't This Funny?



I remember burning the midnight oil

I remember all of my work and toil

Just to get sometimes best sometimes bad scores

And see your unprepared self play outdoors

Those memorable days I top the class

The days you were promoted with a pass

Let us recall our bitter sweet days

How can we not remember those good days?

The days the sun smiled while the sky looked bleak

Your arrogance and my being too meek

My diligence and your armoured laziness

The days you punched my face till dizziness

All those good old days now quickly gone by

We graduated and I said my bye

I am now before you with my résumé

Would have been forever hard to assume

How I need you now to give me this job

Calling you my boss won't be a tough job

You can now be bossy

And isn't this funny?

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