I Will Rise Again!



Withering is no longer eerie

It is a part of the revolution

Eye-catching buds quake

Tossing and turning in bits

Soil receives them with a giggle

And as the bees wail

The sunflower reassures

I will rise again

Leaves turning crisp

Autumn leaves falling in fall

Breeze blowing

Fragile leaves plummeting

And as the soil mocks the intimacy

The deciduous tree whistles

Through the gleeful wind

It will rise again

Gathered up in scuds

Caged waters breaking away

Winds howling

Chill shiver and teeth grinding

And as the land mocks 

The fallen tears of the distant sky

The flowing water pets

You will rise again

Life situations do shake us

Stones and bones thrown

Pellets and bullets fired

We lost where others won

And some walked over us

But with enough resilience 

Let us smile through that and say

We will rise again

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