Second to soil

Mighty at toil

Solely the tail

This is her endless tale

Workaholic she was

No robot was better or worse

Hopeless she was

Life situations were wars

Tiring days and sleepless nights

Sleepless nights and inner fights

Inner fights and lesser might

Lesser might and worsening sight

No regard and can not cope

Can not cope and have no hope 

No hope of an end so bright

It was as dark as a starless night

Once she sat at her doorstep

Letting go of toil and missteps 

Watching the world evolve

And her worries dissolve

At work a call came

Her good works they proclaim

Customers would not prefer a coupon

The life of the company was gone

Her return was of a messiah

Promotions to steps higher

All she needed was a time to relax

To relax and end her drawbacks.

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