Curses Are Chickens



Mother regrets everything then

Although I had pushed her to make

The destiny changing curses. 

Sadness had taken a corner of my room

And had lived there always

I had sowed wind and reaped whirlwind. 

I can still remember one of those days

Mother had sent me fish with her last penny 

I was so hungry that I ate the fish  

Mother was so mad, mumbling curses

She was so famished that she swore bitterly 

I could do nothing than shake my head. 

I once stole our aged neighbour's fowl

Ate it in my room after bolting the door

Mother saw the pots I used to boil the meat 

Our neighbour discovered it was me

She shouted on my mother, calling her names

Mother watched her leave, giving me a curse. 

Would your children not do more than this? 

Would you even have joy at your old age? 

Would you not be saddened by your child? 

Those were my mother's daily rhetorics

She would dab her face with her wrapper 

I had sowed wind and reaped whirlwind. 

Now looking at mother in her coffin 

I realized I have shattered my own life 

Even if mother is to blame, would I 

Blame her in her eternal rest? 

I have lost everything I had achieved

My son died and wife left me. 

Turning into a church after mother's burial, 

I went on my knees at the altar, 

I left my gaze on the statue of Christ on the Cross. 

Tears trickled down my tear-stained face;

Can I still be freed from the curses that had

Come home like chickens to roost?


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