The footsteps following me sounded closer. I ran through the empty corridors of the hospital, my heart pounding with terror. 

I turned a corner and stopped short. I had reached a dead end.

The pursuer arrived in a hoodie. I could not see his face but I did discern that he was a man of my age. He stopped almost a yard away from me and chuckled.

"What were you thinking? That you can escape death?"

That was when I knew who he is. His voice was not just familiar. It belongs to my friend, my childhood friend.

"Jacques?" I asked in bewilderment. 

He pulled his hood off his head and my gaze rested on his unfriendly gaze.

I shook my head, trying not to believe the vivid truth. "Jack, don't tell me that you were the one who attacked Jones. Don't tell me that, please don't." 

We were three. We were as thick as thieves. I, Jones and he. We grew old together and we loved one another greatly but... 

"I did! I attacked Jones and I'll make sure I finish him off in the ward he is in before I leave. But before then, I'll kill you. I won't let you escape!" He said and brought out a pen knife. He walked closer to me and my heart raced. 

"Jack, are you insane? What have we done to deserve death? What could we have done?"

He got to me and placed the knife to my neck. "Goodb–"

"We're best friends Jacques, and you know that I love you."

"You liar. You love me, yet you raped my sister and killed her in the process!" 

I frowned. "I? Who told you that crap?" 

"Don't pretend. Jones told me that! He showed me the video he took. That bastard recorded the video instead of saving my sister!" He screamed, his veins in clear view. 

My eyes bulged out of my sockets. "It...it...it was... it was a mere prank. Jane is my girlfriend. I'd never rape or kill her."

"My own sister is your girlfriend and I was not aware?"

I nodded. "We've been hiding it from you. We only did that to fool you. Today is April 1st. It's just a prank."

Silence hung around. Jacques slowly moved backwards. He realized that he had been too swift to act.

"You almost killed Jones. What if he died? You stabbed him and left him in the house. What if I didn't go home on time?"

"I'm...I'm so sorry."

I was equally sorry. Later, we both went to check on Jones in his ward. We all regretted our actions on the first of April that year.

The End.

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