A Taste of Pain



Like a whiplash,

Like the tip of a claw going deeper;

As it tears into the flesh of prey.

Like the strokes before the crucifixion,

Like the tip of a blade thrusting deeper;

As it tears into the skin of the victim.

Like to whack or whang,

Like the pangs got from hanging on a fang;

As one gets a series of agonizing spangs.

Like one lying on a bed of bits of pins,

Like one thrown into a heated pot of oil;

Yelling in great discomfort.

But even greater than these tastes of pain,

Is the pain from the fire burning with sulphur;

Where one burns with one's body intact.

Oh! Pain, how quickly I cringe at your sound?

When these aforementioned are just a taste of you,

How cataclysmal will the real you be?

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