Double Target - Episode 3



On the fifth floor, the bearded man was on a phone call. "Sir, things are going to get messy if I let them go with her. I need to drop the officers to save her."

"How many officers?" A cold, husky voice asked over the phone.

"Just three."

"Kill her."


"You heard me, kill her."

The call ended.


The next minute, the three police officers stepped out of the library with the library assistant. On taking two steps from the library's porch, the library assistant looked up at the shutter of the room on the fifth floor and the bearded man nodded at her. She smiled. 'My saviour is up there!' So she thought till the bullet left the rifle and found it way through the mist in the air, straight into her neck. She slumped to the ground, as a pint of her blood swat the face of the frightened dark officer beside her and equally splattered on the floor.

The stoutly built officer behind her jerked his head up in time to catch a glimpse of the sniper withdrawing the sniper rifle. The other officers had poised carefully with their guns. 

"Over there!" The stoutly built officer yelled as he darted across the road.

The other officers looked closely at the shutters. The darkest officer immediately called the station with the earphones. A salon car swerved past as the two police officers made to cross the road.

The bearded guy cleaned the sweat off the top of his brows as he smiled wryly. He looked at the mirror, picked up a blade, shaved off his beard on the desk and cleared it. His very handsome face reflected in the mirror. He removed a pistol from his back pocket as he walked out of the room, leaving the sniper rifle behind. He raised the pistol and rained shots into the air. There was a pandemonium immediately. He ran towards the stairs among those fighting to run out at the doorway. He threw the pistol into the dust bin of an opened room, put off his gloves and tucked them in his boots. His eyes caught a sleepy boy who had left his eyes on him in the room. His parents seemed to have left him behind. He took him by his hand and hurried down the stairs.

As the sniper and some others got to the door, the stoutly built officer closed the door from outside. A padlock was immediately placed there.

Those outside began to scream. "My son!" "My child!" "Mum!"

"Everything is fine," the darkest officer said, putting the people to calm.

"We're just here to capture a man who lives in the room facing the library on the fif—" 

A deafening uproar followed.

"Fire! Fire! Fire!"

The officer hurriedly opened the door and the people rushed out. The sniper rushed out with a few others and did not stay. He left the boy's hand and ran away as quickly as he could, screaming 'fire'.

On entering the building, the police officers realised that the fire was not as serious as the occupants had proclaimed it. They immediately used a fire extinguisher to quench the fire in the kitchen.

Sam, the bearded sniper heaved a sigh of relief where he stood yards away from the seven-storey building. His phone buzzed and he brought it out of his pocket.


"I heard that you are trapped," the man who spoke with him earlier over the phone said.

"And you believed that? You know that I am air, and no one dares hinder me."

"I trust you."

"However, I think one of the officers have seen my face."

"No problem, we'll delete them. Just return here now."

"But Sir, it's just one of them that..."

"Don't bother," he said and hung up.

"Shit!" Sam swore angrily.

He turned to leave and his heart missed a beat on resting his gaze on the young boy he had run out of the building with. The boy smiled broadly with his hands behind him. Sam slowly smiled at him too, wondering if he had heard all he said over the phone.

"Kid, why are you here? What about your parents?"

"My mum and dad are at work. I was home with my brothers but they went out to play."

"O... okay."

"I want to give you this," the boy said and stretched his hand to him.

Sam hurriedly looked around before collecting his pistol. "Th-thanks."

The boy smiled. "My mum and dad mustn't see that in the dustbin."

"Y-yeah, yeah thanks, kid."

The boy turned to leave and Sam immediately pointed his pistol at his retreating figure. He placed his hand on the trigger.

"Easy, guy!" A man of his age said a few yards away.

He immediately withdrew the pistol before the boy turned back.

"Goodbye Kid," he said with a smile and the boy walked away after looking from Sam to the man a few yards away.

"Mark, why are you here?" Sam asked as he hid the pistol and approached Mark.

"Why can't I be anywhere? And if I may ask, why did you want to end that innocent boy's life?"

"Innocent you said?" Sam scoffed. "That kid saw my weapon and could have overheard all the phone conversation."

"You're wrong. He got here just when you dropped the call. How could you not hear his footsteps?" Mark questioned. "And should you repay his kindness with death?"

"There are a lot of things you don't know. No one is too young to be used against you. Just be careful," Sam advised and asked. "Are you the one asked to kill the officers?"

"No. He just sent me here to come and watch their execution."

"That man is a brute. He made me kill Sophie! He should have let me kill those bastards!"

Mark giggled as he walked past him.

"Are you mocking me?" He yelled.

Mark burst out laughing aloud.

"Bastard! Yours is coming. I'll see to it!" Sam yelled as he stomped off.

The police officers were questioning the building's occupants outside the building.

"Who lives in the room facing the streets, or should I say the library?" The short, dark officer asked.

"The room is unoccupied. I live opposite it," a lady in a simple checkered gown answered.

"The sniper sniped from the room," the officer said. "Aside from that, who saw him? Or did anyone take a glance at him?"

The occupants exchanged looks in wonder.

"Take a glance? At who? How? When?" A bulky man asked.

A police car arrived there and parked some yards away.

"Who could dare to take a look at someone with a gun? Who even had the time? When we were all struggling to escape," another lady said.

"I wonder too," some of them said.

"Alright, did anyone noticed anything suspicious before the incidence?" The stoutly built officer asked.

"Yeah..." the kid was saying when they suddenly heard a gunshot.

The stoutly built officer was quick to notice the men standing afar off behind a fenced area and as they shot the first bullet, he pulled the kid to himself, securing him. The people screamed in fright and the police officers that just arrived and were approaching immediately returned to the police car for cover. 

"Lie flat!"

To be continued...

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