The Men In Her Life - Two


She sat on a chair at the gate with a begging bowl at her feet. Dave sat beside her on the pavement. He had cried profusely but Ife did not shed a single tear. 

A good looking man of an athletic build walked up to them with shock written all over his face. "Ife?"

She frowned. "Who is that?"

"I don't know him," Dave answered and faced the man. "Who are you?"

The man fell on his knees as tears circulated in his eyes. "Ife, it's me."

"I don't know you," Ife said. 

"Ife can't see. Who are you?" Dave asked. 

"When did this happen?" The man asked. 

"Who are you?" She asked. 

"Ife, it's Mayokun," the man said. 

Ife looked shocked. "Ma-Mayokun?"

He nodded in tears. "Yes, it's me Ife."


2 years ago 


Ife was walking down a corridor when Mayokun walked up to her and stood in her way. He had an attractive smile. 

"What's the madness for?" Ife asked. 

"Ife stop neglecting me this way. I love you and I sincerely do."

"Get out of my way Mayokun."

"Ife please stop treating me this way."

"If not that you're stupid, how would you think that I will love you? You this pauper!"

"Ife, I'm going to be rich too."

"Maybe in your next life! You're wretched now that's all I know! I'm not for you!" She said and made to go. 

He blocked her path again. "Ife, Ife, I'll cherish you forever. I'll never hurt you or make you get hurt. I'll..."

She hissed and made to go but he quickly pulled her to himself and kissed her on the lips. She forcefully broke the kiss and slapped him twice on the face.

"How dare you idiot place those disgusting lips on mine, ugh!" She said as she cleaned her lips. 

"Ife, you slapped me?" He asked, caressing his cheeks. 

"I did and I'll add to it if you dare me again, you cretin!"

"I'm doing all because I don't want to lose you to anyone else. I've always been so nice to you. I've saved you from being raped before. I helped you a lot of times Ife, all because I love you. I've been hurt and insulted a lot of times because of you yet I still love you but you do not care. How could you be so cruel? What else do you hate me for? Just riches?"

"Yes! You're poor! I can't date a wretch like you!" She screamed. 

He looked around. "Fine Ife, I won't disturb you anymore."

"Better!" She said and shoved him out of her way. 


Back to 2 years after


"Ife, you're begging for alms. You are even blind! Can you walk? Ife, can you?" He cried but she said nothing. 

Dave was crying profusely. 

"I got your residential address from Sewa. I did not even know that you are facing all of this. Isn't this your house? Where are your parents? Why are you begging?"

"Take your leave Mayokun," she said flatly.

"Are you still being proud after all that has happened to you?" Mayokun asked. 

"I'm not being proud. And that I rejected you does not mean that I was cruel or proud. I refused to date you because I know my parents won't want you for me. What kind of a woman won't appreciate all that you did?"

"What happened Ife? Where are your parents?"

"Three months ago, I and our parents were returning home from a wedding ceremony that we attended when we had an accident. We ended in the hospital. Our parents died while I survived but lost my sight due to the shards of glass that entered my eyes when the windscreen broke."

"Ah Ife," he cried, holding onto her chair. "Life had been hard for you. Ife, I hate to know that. I hate to see you this hurt."

"Our elder brother, Caleb ran away with the documents containing our parents' properties. He left us with nothing but this house, he even sold the cars in it. Their buyers came to pick them. Our servants and workers left us. I was removed as the manager of the boutique I used to head which was my mum's after he sold it. Dave too suffered. Our relatives and friends turned their backs on us. We exhausted the food at home. Or brother froze our bank accounts. We were hungry and we also had a lot of things that we need. We need to live. Dave wanted to go and work but he Co couldn't leave me all alone, so we're out here begging for alms."

Mayokun sighed, clean his face and stood up. "I still love you Ife but let's put that aside for now. Let's go inside."

Mayokun helped Ife up and Dave carried the chair. They went in with the money in the begging bowl and Dave locked the gate. 

To be continued...

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