The Men In Her Life - Three



Later that day, Dave was in the kitchen while Mayokun sat with Ife in the sitting room. He was fiddling with her lustrous hair. 

"I love you Ife," he said. 

"Just leave Mayokun."

"Ife when are you going to stop being so cruel to me? I've shown nothing but love to you in all of our lives. What's my sin?" He asked. 

"I'll remain single till death in as much as I remain blind."

"I love you."

"You'll get tired of me. You'll leave me eventually."

"I won't!"

"I'm blind. How'd you be doing everything?"

"We'll get a maid."

"Still there will be issues. You'll eventually get tired of having me around you. How'd you cope with a woman you can't go out with? A wife you can't show to the world."

Mayokun sighed. "It's all about love."

Ife chuckled. "Love?"

"Yes, love."

"Love will be weary. It'd be worn out. Irritation, disgust and hatred will set in."

"Never Ife!"

Ife shrugged. "I had always loved you Mayokun. I love you but I do not deserve you. You deserve someone who'll be able to give you the joy you deserve. Mayokun, let me be."

"I'm glad you are not self-centred but you need a man now. Dave will eventually get married. Do you think that his wife would want to have you around her in this state that you are in?"

"I know all of these but I'd rather commit suici–"

"God forbid that Ife. Never have such thoughts, it's a sin."

She shook her head. "I curse the day that I was b–"

"Ife!" He cut in. 

"I curse every mouth that congratulated my paren–"


Dave was at the door with his face tear-stained. 

"Life has ridiculed me! I'm a shame to–"

"Ife stop using negative words. Just be thankful to God."

"For what?"

"At least you are alive."

"Then he should just take the miserable life he gave me! God has treated me unf–"

"Do not sin Ife. God loves you."

"No!" She screamed. 

"He does."

"No!" Her voice broke as she cried. 

He pulled her to himself in an embrace. "He loves you. He does. May God forgives you."

Dave turned to leave. 

"You're a man Dave. Stop crying or your eyes will be affected too."

"Thank you." He muttered and walked in. 

"May God forgive you Ife."

"Amen." She mumbled under her breath.

Two days later, Mayokun and Ife were playing in the sitting room while Dave was in his room when they heard heavy bangs on the gate. 

"I'll go and check," Mayokun said to her. 


Mayokun walked out into the compound, to the gate and opened it ajar. He rested his gaze on a good looking man whom Dave resembled. 

"Who are you?" The two asked in unison. 

"What are you doing here? Who are you?" The visitor asked. 

"I should be the one asking you that," Mayokun said. 

"Did Ife and Dave move out? Did they sell this house to you?"

"Are you Caleb?" Mayokun asked.

He nodded. "Yes. Who are you?"

"I am Mayokun. May I know what you want?"

"Where are my siblings?" He asked. 

"Are you here to kill them after adding to their woes. Are you here to finish them off?"

"No. It's not what you guys think. I escaped death and I had to get the properties away from the reach of our greedy relatives."

Mayokun sighed. "Come in."

Caleb entered and Mayokun locked the gate. The two walked into the sitting room. While Mayokun walked over to Ife, Caleb stupid at the door with tears in his eyes. 

"Mayokun, who was it? Who was at the gate?"


"What are you doing here?" Dave cut in at the door with his gaze fixed on Caleb. 

"Dave. Dave, I missed you."

Ife sprang up. "Ca-Caleb? Is–"

"Just calm down Ife," Mayokun said.

"What are you here for?!" Dave barked with tears circulating in his eyes. 

"What's going on?!" Ife screamed. 

"Take it easy Ife," Mayokun said, holding her to himself. "Your brother is at the door."

"Caleb, what are you here for? What do you want?" Ife asked. 

Caleb shut his eyes and shook his head in sadness. "They wanted to kill me." He opened his eyes. "After I left your ward that day to get money for the surgery, I discovered that a car was on my trail. I tried to escape but the driver was faster. He parked in my way and came over to my car. The masked driver forced me out of my car into his and shut my car's door. He made me sit in the car with him and pulled off his mask. I was shocked to see Yomi, my classmates back in secondary school. He told me it was our uncle that gave him the job. They wanted him to compel me in signing all our documents as theirs then kill me afterwards but he preserved my life. He asked me to go far away but when I was indecisive of where to go, he took me to a remote village. It was there that I stayed since. Right now, our uncles have been arrested and are in the police station."

The rest remained silent where they were. None of them uttered a word.

Caleb walked up to Ife and held her in an embrace. "Ife, how would you think that I will run away leaving you behind? What greed will make me do that? Just because I'm the one with the documents? Our parents had a lot of properties so why would I want everything? I can't hurt you Ife. Dave, I can't."

Ife cried. "We suffered. Everyone neglected us."

"I know. I knew that they will but that's gone now. We're safe now," he said and made her sit gently. "Come over Dave or are you still doubting if I was being truthful?"

"I believe you," Dave said as he walked up to him. 

The two smiled they embraced. The two disengaged and Caleb sighed. "Now, I think I need an introduction."

"He's Mayokun, or sister's boyfriend," Dave said.

"It's nice meeting you," the two said as they shook hands. 

"The next thing is eye surgery Ife," Caleb said. 

Ife nodded happily.

Ife regained her sight after a successful operation. She was happy to see the men in her life again.

The End.

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