Double Target - Episode 2



While the rain was still drizzling, a dark-skinned man whose baseball cap covered his face walked out of the library, after leaving the bookshelves.

The guy in glasses returned his gaze to the journal in his front after the strange man walked out. He shrugged.

The dark man wearing the baseball cap got out of the library and got a hold of Miracle's umbrella out of the umbrellas left at the door. He looked up to the shutters of the room on the fifth floor of a seven storeyed building opposite the library. At one of the shutters was a bearded light-skinned man with a sniper rifle aimed at the library's entrance. The men nodded at each other and the man in the baseball cap got on his scooter. He rode away with Miracle's umbrella.


A few minutes later, a richly dressed woman crossed the road with her little daughter. By then, the drizzle had stopped but the ditches were still filled with water. On entering, the woman and her daughter headed to the bookshelves. While the elderly woman was carried away, the little girl's eyes caught Miracle's pause where it fell on.

"Mum," the little girl called.

The woman heaved a sigh. "Come on, just give me a minute, I'll fetch it for..."

"Mum!" The little girl cut in while tugging her mother's sleeve.

The woman turned to her daughter just as one of the library assistants joined them there. "Dear, is anything wrong?"

The girl turned to the library assistant, who had on an embarrassed smile.

"Honey?" The woman called and turned to find the library assistant behind her. "Oh, hope no problem."

"No problem," the lady replied. "I just want to pick up my purse. It fell a while ago and I guess that's what your beautiful daughter saw."

"Oh!" The woman exclaimed as she followed the lady's gaze to the purse. "Alright," she said.

The library assistant went to the purse, picked it up and walked away.

The mother watched her leave and diverted her gaze to her daughter. "Darling, what's going on?"

"Mum, do you think that the purse is hers?"

The woman nodded as she turned back to the bookshelf. "Yes, I have no reason to think otherwise. Even if it's not hers, it's none of our concern since the purse isn't ours."

"Alright, mum. Now, get me the book."

"Alright dear," the woman said and added. "Here it is."

"Hey!" The little girl screamed in excitement.

"Remember that this is a library? No noise or we'd be kicked out."

The library assistant chuckled where she was. She left where she was eavesdropping on their conversation, brought out a mouthpiece and said, "Hey man, you have no reason to delete them anymore. They won't snitch." She said as she walked away. She dug her fingers into the purse and brought out Miracle's phone. She immediately switched off the phone.

Just as she was out of sight, the little girl's mother peeped and sighed. "Bitch!"

The little girl raised a brow as her mum returned to her. "What's wrong?"

"There's something wrong," her mother said and brought out her phone.

"I thought as much too."

The woman looked around for a CCTV or a webcam and returned her gaze to her phone. She typed a message on her phone and sent it. "Darling, let's go."

The two returned to the librarian and borrowed the book. Afterwards, they left the library.


After a while, a police car arrived at the library.

"Shit!" The man at the shutter swore. "Something's wrong; your nightmare is outside," he voiced into his mouthpiece.

Three police officers filed into the library in their uniforms and immediately got the people's attention.

They walked directly to the library assistants and one of the police showed them his card. "We are from the nearby station."

"How may we help you?" The grizzled haired librarian asked.

"You will have to permit us to check everyone and thing in here. We've been notified that something seems wrong here and we need to find out," the short, dark officer said.

The library visitors immediately gathered up around the librarian's desk with their things and the books with them.

"May we see the search warrant," the librarian requested.

The third police officer looking around stretched the warrant forward and the men started looking around.

"May we have a look at your bags," the stoutly built officer with the warrant said.

"Yeah... why not?" The librarian asked.

"So please ma'am, we'll like to start from yours," the officer said, gesticulating at the dark, slender library assistant, who had picked up Miracle's purse a while ago.

The dark, slender library assistant swallowed hard as she handed over her brown with spots of grey Mary Ann bag to the closest officer to her. The contents were poured on the table and among it was Miracle's purse. She maintained an indifferent look, hoping that all would be well.

"Whose purse is this?" The stoutly built officer asked.

Her heart raced immediately. Why is the purse the first thing they are asking about? She shrugged. "It''s mine."

The contents of the purse were immediately poured on the desk. The police officers picked up the ID card and the voter's card.

"The owner's name is Onala Miracle, how come you said the purse is yours. Did she borrow your purse?" The stoutly built officer asked.

"W...wait," the young charming man in glasses said, looking at the faces of the other visitors, then back at the ID card. "This beauty was here. I saw her head to the bookshelves."


"Yeah, she's my friend. She left..." The library assistant was saying.

"I didn't see her leave. I was expecting to see her, to the extent that I lost interest in the journal I was reading but she did not return. I was close to the entrance. I should have seen her."

"She left," the library assistant repeated.

"Officer, you have to arrest her immediately!" The librarian said.


"She's not a new worker here and Miracle has been a regular visitor too. They're people I know very well. They're not friends."

The library assistant was shaky. She took two steps backwards but the third officer who had been silent all the while grabbed her wrist. "Where is Miracle?"

"I...I don't know. I just found the purse on the floor and..."

"Guys, let's move," the short, dark officer said.

"Do not worry, she'll tell us where Miracle is," the officer said and led the library assistant towards the exit of the library with her things and Miracle's.


On the fifth floor, the bearded man was on a phone call. "Sir, things are going to get messy if I let them go with her. I need to drop the officers to save her."

"How many officers?" A cold, husky voice asked over the phone.

"Just three."

"Kill her."

To be continued...

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