Lovable Knight - Episode Two



Maxthon had no friend. No mother wanted her child to play with a child as bizarre as Maxthon. Maxthon would cry to his mother after being insulted by his mates. Later, he resulted into staying indoor. He would cry all day and his parents had to think of what to do to bring smiles to his young face.

Martin went to him doing one of his crying hours, he made him sit on his lap while Mabel stood at the door.

“Daddy, are you ready to tell me why I am so bad?” Maxthon asked.

“No my prince, I want to tell you that we will be going hunting together,” Martin said.

Maxthon turned to look at his mother in surprise, “mummy, is that true?”

“Yes my son,” Mabel answered. “Just to make you happy."

“So you also have to make us happy,” Martin said.

“I will!” He shouted happily as he clung to his father's neck.

“That's my boy,” Martin said with a smile. 

“I do not know why you like hunting,” Mabel said as she left.

“Daddy, you'll also teach me the fights?”

“I will.”

“Love you, daddy.”

“I love you too son.”

Maxthon was so happy that he ran out to his mates. He found five of them in the forest. Three were swinging birch branches while two were shooting wooden arrows.

"I'll be going hunting with my dad," He said happily. 

Barry and Noel hissed while the other three laughed.

"Fool, you don't even know what's next," Allan said.

"Don't mind him," Noel said and eyed Maxthon, "you'll be going hunting when we have started war practice on the palace' training ground," Noel said.

"Wow, that's nice. I'll also love to join," Maxthon said.

They convulsed with laughter.

"Who will recruit a zombie?" Fash asked.

"But seriously, you should try. If an enemy faces someone as ugly and unpleasant as you, I'm sure he'll flee, "Jack teased.

Maxthon was surprised that their insults did not affect him, "I know I may be bad but you're not better than me, all of you."

They laughed more.

"But I wonder why your dad is foolish to the extent of planning to take a beast along to hunt beasts. Does he not know that you're enough to scare the beasts away?" Jack asked.

"How could you say my dad is foolish?"

"Isn't he?" Jack asked. 

"Then your dad is equally foolish, he's a senseless man."

Jack slapped his face and he returned his. A fight broke out and when others saw that Maxthon had overpowered Jack, they joined hands and beat Maxthon up.

Maxthon returned home with bruises. He met his mother cooking.

"I've told you not to go to those boys again, can't you do without them?" Mabel asked as she helped him to treat his wounds.

"He called my dad a fool."

"You called for it. Why did you go to them?"

"Aw," He winced in pains.

"Your daddy will be crossed when he returns."

"I said I'm sorry."

"It's alright."

To be continued...

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