Lovable Knight - Episode Three



The next day at dawn, father and son set out on hunting. Maxthon hung the rucksack to his back while Martin hung his arrows to his back. When they were near the palace, Maxthon remembered what the five said.

"Daddy, Jack and the four said the king is recruiting we young ones. Why don't you let me join?"

"My prince, will you be able to cope?"

"I will. I want to be a knight."

"Maxthon I want your happiness and I know you can't be happy there."

He felt bad, "Daddy, why am I so bad?"

"My prince you're not."

"I am! Look at my face, I'm as hairy as a monkey, my nose is too pointed, my eyes are like that of an owl, my mouth like nightingale's beak, my -"

"Stop it!" Martin butt in, "I already told you that I'll teach you fights, so don't get me angry or I'll have to send you back home to your mum."

"I'm sorry dad."

"Okay, son."

Martin was surprised at his son's skills in archery. He had never seen him using arrows before because he had not permitted him to use more than catapults and slings. So seeing him hunt two birds of prey with just three aims made him marvel. He was also astounded at the speed with which he runs. He outran a deer and strangled it with his fingernails. Martin had to hide his wonder so as not to get the child suspicious since he did not count all he did as strange.

"Daddy, when are you going to start teaching me fights?" Maxthon asked on their way home.

"Dear don't be so anxious, we'll start tomorrow," Martin said.

He smiled, "thanks, daddy."

Mabel was all smiles when they got home.

"Easy darling," Mabel said as her son ran into her arms.

"Mummy, daddy said I'll start fights tomorrow."

"Wow, that's fine, isn't it?" Mabel asked.

"Yes, mum."

Mabel turned to her husband, "I visited the nurse concerning the symptoms I've been having."

"So, what's the outcome?"

"Honey" Mabel called as he held her hands, "I'm pregnant."

He looked into her eyes, "what did you say?"

"I'm pregnant."

Martin was overjoyed. He lifted her from the ground into his arms. Maxthon watched with excitement.

The war practice started the second day. Maxthon counted the first week's training as exercise. He did yoga, sprinting, run-up, bark flaying, aiming, stick throw, muscle flexing, swift manoeuvre, body jerking and others.

Strange things started happening to Maxthon since the first week's training. His face grew more ugly, his hair and nails grew strangely longer in a way that got his parents scared. They were scared that the unborn child would be just like him. Maxthon himself became unhappy in a way that he stopped training and returned into staying indoor.

Martin and Mabel did all they could do to get their son out of depression but it all proved futile. Maxthon grew more ugly and scary. His colour darkened and the white in his eyes turned red. His body was strangely full of hairs and his teeth grew longer and sharper. He refused to eat and this scared his parents.

“Maybe we should just have done as the nurse advised us when we gave birth to him,” Martin said as he comforted his wife who refused to leave Maxthon's door after he had locked himself in, “It's clear that he will even blame us now for not ending his miserable life at an infant.”

Mabel sniffed, “I love my son. I love him the way he is.”

“I know. I love him too but -”

“No buts. I can't afford to lose him.”

Martin rubbed her hair with his palm, “Honey, you know I equally love him. You should not doubt my love for him and I'm not saying we should kill him. I'm just saying we should have, it would have been of help to him.”

Maxthon left the door after he had eavesdropped part of their conversation. He felt bad for how he had treated his parents. They loved him. They had even been advised to kill him. He decided to make his parents happy. Maxthon put smiles on his parents' faces when he started taking his meals but he could not continue his training due to his scary look.

To be continued...

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