Lovable Knight - Episode Six



Maxthon and his sisters met their father at home when they returned home. Their mother was also back from the market and was in the kitchen.

"My children, how are you?"

"We're fine Daddy," the twins replied. 

"I hope you enjoyed the stroll."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Dad, what did the king say?" Maxthon asked.

Martin knew his son was eager to hear everything but he was not sure of what his reaction would be after hearing the news. He said, "Maxthon, you've always wanted to be a knight, isn't it?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Now you can be a knight. The king as chosen you as one of his knights."

It took Maxthon several seconds before the words sank in and the curiosity on his face was replaced with a frown, "Dad what does that mean? We've talked about it and you've made me see the reasons why I should not think of being a knight here, so what are you saying now?"

Martin expected the question his son asked but what could he do? "Son, the king is bent on making you a knight. He's ready to go to the extreme to have you in the palace."

Maxthon felt rage with a tinge of fear, "What madness is that? Did he remember me when I was sick and unpleasant?"

Martin understood his son. He said, "My prince, you have to go. He said he has to fulfil what his father said on his deathbed. That you must become a knight since I, your father rejected it."

Dad, I'm not going to become a knight. Not here!"

"You have to, son. All is going to be well. You just have to be careful."

"You want me to face Sir Mbald? Dad, I'm not going to accept his proposal. I don't want to be a knight any longer."

Martin and his son headed to the palace the next week. On their way, they met a group of boys beating a helpless boy. They had punched and kicked him and continued to kick the poor boy. They refused to stop, even after Martin commanded them to stop.

"You have no respect for elders? Or you were never trained by your parents?" Martin asked.

The seven boys turned to father and son with angry looks.

"You old fool. Were you ever taught by your parents when you were young that you don't interfere in matters that don't concern you?" Dawren asked.

"Busybody," Kafton spat.

"How dare you talk to my father in such a way? You waifs!" Maxthon spat. 

The badly beaten boy looked up on hearing Maxthon's voice.

"Morris," Maxthon called on seeing the wounded boy's face. 

"You know him?" Martin asked.

"He's one of the seven boys chosen from our clan."

The boys laughed, "So you're from the same clan, idiots." They advanced towards Morris and Maxthon made to stop them but Martin prevented him. They kicked the boy in turns and turned just to find Martin closely behind them. He took Rash and Doen by their necks with each of his hands and lifted them from the ground. They struggled to break free but he tightened his hold on their necks and they almost choked. He threw them towards their friends. The latter advanced towards him and he did not waste his time in breaking their bones with kicks, punches and jabs.

They sprawled on the floor and crawled away in pains.

Maxthon bent over Morris, "How do you feel?"

"I'm okay, thank you."

"Let's go Maxthon. The time is far spent."

Maxthon stood up and caught up with his father.

"Father," Morris called.

The duo turned to Morris where he sat.

"Thank you, sir."

The two left and Martin asked about the boy, Morris.

"He called me Father."

"Yes, he did."

"Where do you know him? Where does he live?"

"He's homeless before he was taken into the palace by the king as one of the future knights. He's an orphan."

Martin shook his head in pity, "But why is he out there? And beaten up that way?"

"That's what I don't know too."

At the palace. The king took Martin's word that his son was a competent knight already. He was to be tested with those future knights that had been trained and the real knights too. Martin himself witnessed the tests.

Maxthon was made to fight with the best of the seven boys chosen from each clan. He beat them all without getting hit by them. He almost killed Tyden, the best of the seven boys that beat Morris earlier. He also beat Jack till he passed out. The king and the rest marvelled at his fight skills. He was then made to fight with some of the real knights and he beat them too though he got hit too.

The head knight was his limit. He could not overcome him. The man was not only bulky and muscular, he was very famous even in other kingdoms. He was a strange man to all and sundry. He had never been won in any duel or battle.

The king clapped for Maxthon as he stood away from Mbald after the last hit the fierce man gave him which got him off balance. Mbald himself clapped for Maxthon after wiping away the blood Maxthon had made to ooze out of his temple with his fingernails. Maxthon looked around and could see the animosity look on the face of all except his father, the king and the princess.

His father sighed, "Well my king, Maxthon improves each passing day. Let's look at how he performs in weeks."

"Your son is indeed a very strange being," the king said to Martin when they were together alone in the court.

"He should be able to beat up my mighty friend if he fights him day after day. I trust my son."

"I should doubt that because Mbald has never been beaten but seeing your son beat up my fierce and battle-tested men who are prone to various skills makes me think he can."

"I only want you to take care of my son for me. He is still young for wars. He can only be good at fights."

"Sure, sure."

Maxthon felt lonely immediately his father left the palace. All the comfort in the room he was put into could not drive him out of his loneliness. He started missing home.

To be continued...

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