Lovable Knight - Episode One


Martin and Mabel were married for years without a child. They lived in a cagy hut in the heart of kingdom Crystal due to their being inpecunious. Martin was both a woodcutter and a hunter. Mabel on her own was a fruit seller. She used to sell fruits in one of Crystal's markets. The couple was loved by the people of Crystal because of their hard work and virtues. Even with all their needs and lack, they used to give. They were considered as the happiest couple.

     Martin was a skilled hunter and fighter who had been trained by his father, a reputable warrior of the kingdom who died on returning home from a bloody war that put an end to the kingdom that fought them. Martin's father was one of the men that brought victory and when the king called so he could reward him, the men brought the sad news that he was dead, he and two others. The king then decided to reward Martin by making him one of his knights but he refused, saying that he does not possess the skills of a warrior. The king felt he was rude for rejecting such an enticing offer that a lot of men could die for. So, the king left Martin alone without rewarding him for his father's great deed. Mabel was already eight years married to Martin before she got pregnant. The couple were overjoyed and the people were happy for them.

     When it was approaching a year and there had been no sign of delivery, they got scared and more scared when the nurse claimed she had just one life growing in her, she even guessed that it was a female child.

     Truly, when it was exactly one year, she gave birth to just one child but a male one.

     The child was mysterious. The whole of his body was hairy. His hair was long and both toenails and fingernails were long. He was too ugly that the couple was immediately advised by the nurse to end the baby's life. Martin and his wife rejected the nurse' advice and promised to shower all love on their son. 

     Later, it was not just the nurse, everyone started advising them to get rid of the strange child but the couple refused, not only because they had no other child but also, they would not kill an innocent child. They named their son Maxthon.

To be continued ⏩ 

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