Lovable Knight - Episode Five



Years Later...

One of those days, Maxthon was playing with his sisters in the small garden they had. Mabel was sleeping while Martin had gone to the palace following the king's call. Maxthon got fairer day by day in a way that he was one of the fairest males that ever existed. He carried Margaret in his arms and ran into the shed.

"Where are you?" Margery asked as she searched for the two.

Maxthon quickly covered Margaret's mouth, "sh!" He muted her as she was about to laugh.

"Marg? Brother? Where are you?"

The shed's door creaked and Margery entered in a spotted grey blouse and black skirt. Maxthon carefully hid his right leg out of light.

"Marg, where are you?"

Margery looked into the empty drum but they were not there. She checked under the table and behind the door but they were not there. She checked behind the barns but they were not there.

As she approached the silos and hay bags where they were, she asked, "are you there?"

Maxthon and Margaret expected her to see them but a rat scuttled out of the yard and Margery turned. She did not see the rat so she thought it was the two that she was searching for. She ran out of the yard.

Maxthon and Margaret expected her to enter Into the yard again but when she was not coming, they left the shed to look for her. They looked around the small garden and the house but she was not there. Maxthon and Margaret then left the house for the street. They later found her along an alley. She was with six boys.

"Do you help me to see Maxthon and Margaret?"

The boys laughed. Maxthon took a closer look at the boys and discovered that they were Jack and his gang.

"Your brother was killed while your sister has been kidnapped," Allan said.

Others laughed.

"Don't mind him. Your brother and sister are in Basil's cabin."

"Who's Basil? Where's the cabin?" she asked. 

"Well, we can take you there, should we?" Barry asked.

Margery nodded affirmatively.

Maxthon walked up to the six boys and grabbed his sister's hand, "don't mind these rogues. I'm not in any Basil's cabin."

Margery looked at the six, "you're a pack of liars!"

Noel laughed, "Seriously, you girls are really beautiful and identical twins."

Barry and the other four laughed while Maxthon and his sisters watched them laugh.

"I've warned you to desist from my sisters, keep your distance since you don't want us to be friends."

Jack bounced forward, "and did your sister tells you that we're the ones that came to her? She saw us walking and she asked if we know where you are."

"Fine! Just don't have anything to do with them or you won't like what I'll do."

Allan hissed, "what will you do? Beat us?"

"If that is how serious what you do to my sisters is. If it's up to killing you, I swear I'll do just that."

"Who? You? You that the only thing you know is how to hunt?"

"Just dare me."

Fash sighed, "guys just let him be."

"Yeah," Craig supported.

"How could you even think that you," Jack said, tapping Maxthon's chest with his fingers, "that you this hunter boy will beat any of us in a duel or fight with weapons?"

"Don't mind him, he just want to die young," Noel said. 

Maxthon clapped his hands, "I can see that you've got real training from your so-called masters in the palace but I'm sure you have not forgotten that my dad is not just a hunter, he's also a fighter. Tell me if there are any of your masters that can challenge him."

"Aha, guy you're going overboard," Craig said, "your rickety old father? Even I will beat him with mere hands, so let's not mention my masters."

Maxthon turned to his sisters, "I don't want to see you with them again. The absent Morris is inclusive. They're all idiots."

"Okay brother," the girls said. 

"Let's go," Maxthon said. 

Jack pulled him back with the edge of his sleeve, "who are the idiots?" Allan slapped his face, "Tell me, who are the idiots? Your father or your mother?"

"All of you. Your parents!" Maxthon shrieked. 

Barry, Noel and Alan gave him series of kicks and Jack joined.

"Leave my brother!" The two girls cried as they struggled to save Maxthon from the four's hands.

"You get lost!" Noel said as he pushed Margery away.

Margery fell onto the ground with her face in the sand, "ouch, my eyes!" She cried as she sat up in the dust.

Maxthon hurriedly took a look at Margery and as his eyes caught the tears rolling down her cheeks, he freed himself from the four and gave Noel a kick on his tummy. Noel bellowed and made to give his kick but Maxthon was faster, he caught his leg and jabbed him in his face. Noel cried in pain as he held his face. Maxthon ran to his sisters. Margaret was busy blowing dust from Margery's eyes.

Noel ran to Maxthon and kicked him on his back with all force. Maxthon rolled to the ground and as Noel advanced towards him, Margery quickly stood in his way. Maxthon made to get up but Margaret prevented him. Noel looked into Margery's eyes and calmed on seeing what her eyes had turned into. The white had turned red and her hair was muddled up with dust. He just stood there, not knowing what was next to do. Margery also stood before him, her eyes had dried and her face was impassive.

"Didn't you say you'll beat our masters? Why did you fall at just one kick on your back? Guy, you're so weak," Allan teased.

Maxthon was angry. He tried to stand but Margaret prevented him, "let me stand Marg. Let me show them the real waifs they are."

Noel tried to touch Margery's face but she prevented him.

"If someone does your sister like that, would you let it go? Would you?" Margaret barked.

"Next time, you won't intervene in matters that not, concern you," Jack said.

Margery turned and went to her brother. He stood up and dusted his wears then held her face.

"How do you feel?"

"I'm fine."

"It's still paining you?"


"Guys let's go," Craig said to his gang who stood, watching.

"Don't tell Dad about this. You know he'll be crossed." Maxthon said. 

"I won't. Let's go home."

Craig made the move first, walking away then Fash followed.

"Next time you won't dare any of us again, you sickly being!"

Maxthon shook his head, "you guys will soon learn your lessons, you -"

"Brother," Margaret cut in and pulled his arm, "Let them be, they derive their joy from fighting."

"That's what they're for, making enemies," Margery added.

The six guys turned to the three but they were already going their own way.

To be continued...

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