Hey! Sir Hood - Two



Pelumi got home famished, dishevelled and exhausted. He put off his wears immediately and went into the bathroom for a shower. He felt refreshed and freshened.
He joined his parents in the sitting room and gave each of them a warm hug as he greeted them.
"How were the interviews? How did it go?" His mother asked. 
Pelumi sighed. "They went well but I already know that I won't be employed."
"Why?" The couple asked in unison.
"It's clear from the way we were attended to that they've gotten those they'll employ. At least I saw two parents come with their children and they seemed to know some of the staff members in DEE TRENDS and it's just so clear that I have no chance."
"You can't say," his father said. 
"On the contrary, I can say. It's nothing secretive."
"Let's just hope for good."
"Tell me, mum, how's your daughter?" Pelumi asked. 
"Which of them?" She asked.
"You should know that I can't be asking of Sire, I'm asking after Sayo," he said, fiddling with his wristwatch.
"What if I tell you that the girl refuses to call me since three days ago and she's been conversing with your Dad?"
"Haha, but you said you talked with her yesterday."
"Yesterday? Or two days ago?"
"Two? Ye...yeah."
"It was two days ago and it was even on your dad's phone," the woman said.
"Don't mind your mother, Sayo told me that she tried her lines but none went through."
"Since three days ago? You're just being on her side because she likes you over me! That girl does not care if I'm alive or dead."
"Aha, how could you say such?" Pelumi asked.
"Don't mind her, she's just jealous," the elderly man said.
The woman hissed. "I'm not jealous and I can't be."
"She's fine," the elderly man said.
"And how about her job?" Pelumi asked.
"She's doing well. Your aunt is taking care of her."
"She's just so lucky," Pelumi said.
"Yes, she is."

To be continued...

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