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She greeted the lady at the counter before turning to the doorway. She entered the office, went straight to the shutters and drew the curtains sideways, dusting away the grimes. She went to her seat then sank in. She made a short prayer and sighed.

She was always the first to arrive at work on the first floor, it was only the janitor and other non-staff that get to work before her. She could say the dark lady at the counter get to work before her at times but it was rare.

She brought out files from the drawers of the filing cabinet and started checking the files. Her phone buzzed repeatedly on the desk and she checked the caller. She accepted the call.

"Hello, Juwon."

Juwon was one of her many admirers. They were both schooled in OAU together. Juwon had rich parents and he was calm but she only wanted to be a friend. Juwon was light-skinned with bushy eyebrows and curly eyelashes. She used to fantasize being with him but she did not want to. Juwon was the first on the list of the guys she liked. Mayokun was the next; very handsome with his sturdy build. Agile and jaunty. Mayokun was dark-skinned but rich too. She liked Emma too. Emma was such a lively guy, caring and helpful. He was not rich. He was not poor though. Emma had a lot of ladies frolicking around him; he was flanked by beautiful and rich girls. Those were the three she liked most; they had everything a woman would desire in them but she was not sure if she loves any of them. The love feeling she thought she had for them gradually dissipated when she set her eyes on Pelumi, her boss.

Pelumi, her brother's namesake was not only handsome, he was a scion. He was very brilliant and sedulous. He did not fret about and was very hearty. In her few months in OYE, she had never seen any sign of frailty in him. He was also religious. Such fragrance he had. She would love to inhale his masculine scent whenever they were close to each other. With all of this attraction, she was still not sure if her boss would even take a look at her one day and compliment her for how beautiful she looks. All he could ever think of was work, and after work is work and work.

"I'm very fine Juwon and good morning too," she said as she placed the nib of her fountain pen on one of the files. "Don't mind me Juwon, I slept off before nine so we couldn't chat." She chuckled. "I'm already at work so that isn't possible." She smiled at his reply. "Pardon me, dear." She shook her head. "No no, I can't have lunch with you." She raised a brow. "There's no reason for that Juwon. Juwon, we'll have to talk later, I'm at work." She chortled. "Are you teasing me?" She nodded to her colleague who greeted her as she entered. "It's alright. It's no tease, it's flatter." She laughed. "Alright, I believe you, bye." She ended the call with a smile.

"Good morning Eniola," she greeted as she put down her mobile phone. 

"Good morning Pemisire. How was your night?" Her colleague, Eniola asked.

"I had a very nice night rest and a pleasant dream. And you?"

"Always the same. Tell me, was that Juwon?"

Pemisire nodded. "Your guess is right."

The girl made a short prayer and placed her hands on the table, watching Pemisire as she worked. "Why don't you give that guy a chance?"

"I already told you that I don't love him."

"But I know you do."

"Really?" Pemisire asked, raising her brows.

"Yeah. Okay, what about Ritchie?"

"Richard is boastful and you know that."

"And I know Owen is the same," Eniola said.

"Don't even go there, that spoilt brat?"

"And Jones?"

"Those guys are the same. Why did you choose to mention birds of the same feathers together?"

"Let me advise you, Sire," Eniola said and Pemisire sighed. "You're not getting any younger. Sire, we're mates, aren't we? I'm getting married in no time and you're still there, saying every guy is the same. Why don't you just pick one and try to mould him into what you desire? Do you think beauty lasts forever? You're still attractive now. Sire, make hay while the sun shines."

"You're just getting me wrong Eniola."

Eniola drew out a drawer from the filing cabinet and brought out some files. "How?" She placed the files on the table, stood up and went over to the notice board. "Did you notice this coloured paper on the board?"

"No," Pemisire answered.

She read out its contents, "THE MAYs' files."

"They're with me."

"Are you through with them?" Eniola asked as she returned to her seat. "He wrote that you should submit it immediately he gets to work."

"I didn't check anything. I had been busy with Mr Thompson's files. They're the ones we scheduled first for today"

"You know the notice board is more relevant than the wall planner, any plan can be changed on the notice," Eniola said and added, "so about what we were saying, Sire—"

"Eniola please this is early in the morning. I can't be talking about men now when I have files as many as these to sort out. Leave men to themselves till noon."

"Good morning ladies," someone greeted at the door. 

"Good morning Jones," the ladies replied.

Jones looked handsome in his suit, tie and black brogues. He had on an attractive smile which the ladies could not help but return.

"How do you do?" He asked.

"We're very fine," the girls replied.

"What of the boss? Has he arrived?"

"Did you see any of his cars outside?" Eniola asked in reply.

"One can't say. Who knows if he'd been here and has gone somewhere?" Jones asked.

"Well, he's not arrived but I'm sure in no time, he'll be here," Eniola said. 

"Alright beauties. Take care."

"You too."

Eniola stapled some files together. "So tell me, what's bad about this guy?"

"Nothing. I just don't love him."

"Okay then."

To be continued...

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