Hey! Sir Hood - One


It was during the rainy season. Pelumi felt miserable as he carefully took his steps in the soggy ground. He was walking on an untarred road in his white shirt neatly tucked in black trousers. He did not care how his pair of lace-ups would look when he gets to the tarred road.

The weather was not that inclement the previous day when he went to the Big Olas' interview. That day, he had gone to two more interviews and without anyone telling him, he knew he had no chance for the job. It was all about pulling strings.

He had thought life is a bed of roses because during his primary school and secondary school days, he was the apple of every teacher's eyes for his brilliance. They would see to his welfare and even provide his basic needs. He entered the tertiary school with a scholarship so he did not give his poor parents worries. Even in school, his mates, especially the girls were always there to provide for his needs. He held tutorials for his mates and made money on campus.

But then, even with his first-class degrees and accomplishments, he had not got a job several months after he finished his youth service while his sisters on their own had got employed immediately after service and were doing well in the company. He on his own was still there, looking for a job.

He had to admit that lasses earn favour over lads in the eyes of lads.

He was too late to notice the reckless driver coming behind him, the car sped into the potholes and made a heavy splash of mud on him.

"Such an animal!" He swore bitterly.

He felt bad after the words left his lips but he had said it already. He was sure the driver heard him and that was why he stopped the car in his way. He halted in his tracks as he sort of dusted his now white-brown shirt and his trousers. He did not mind what colour his lace-ups had turned into; was he not walking in the mud?

A rush of fear swept across his face as he saw two uniformed men alight the car.

"Armies?" He mumbled.

One had a scar across his forehead while the other had a cut lip. They looked dreadful with their frown.

"Are we the animals?"

He became muted.

"Well, we were a bunch of animals in the car. Our king, the lion asked us to bound you up to him."

With no resistance, he followed them to the car. If it had not been the blackness of the tinted windows of the car, he would have known that they were up to five in the car.

The back door was opened and his eyes befell a good looking man who appeared to be in his early thirties. He looked opulent in his military uniform and beret.

"You called us animals?" The man asked.

"No, the driver," Pelumi answered.

"If you insult my driver, you insult me too," the man said.

"If that's how you see it."

The man shook his head. "You're rude."

"I don't mean to be rude, I just sounded rude," Pelumi said.

The man smiled, "so you're such a livid man?"

"I'm sorry but you caused it."

"Point of correction, it was my driver who-" the man was saying.

"But just now you said when I'm referring to your driver, I'm equally talking to you," Pelumi interjected.


"You don't know how I was feeling, if I was angry or seething and you-" he trailed off and sighed, taking a look at himself. "What if this happened in the morning? When I was on my way to the interview?"

"Then you would have rain curses," the hefty man with the cut lip said.

"Rain curses? I'm not brought up that way. I can't even be angrier."

"You went for a job interview, didn't you?" The man asked.

"Yes," he answered.

"And I'm sure you've been applied," the man said but Pelumi caught the sarcasm.

"It's clear that I've not been employed."

"And do you know why?"

"I think I know why."

"You think you know why but I know why," the man said and continued, "the reason is that you've insulted them there."

Pelumi smiled. "Why would I do such an unorthodox thing?"

"But you just called someone an animal."

"I did because he drove recklessly," Pelumi said.

"This man here does not know how grievous his offence is."

"I'm not guilty. I only feel bad because he made me sin."

"He doesn't even know what will befall him. Bundle him into the car."

He resisted. "You can't expect me to follow you sheepishly. I know my rights."

The men laughed. "Rights? Such a fool!"

"At least you'll show me your identity card. I can't just follow you because you're in uniforms."

The man nodded then gestured at one of the two men. "Tanny, show him yours."

Tanny, the very dark-skinned officer who had a cut upper lip showed him his identity card. A lieutenant.

"Are you now sure Mr Thomas?"

"I'm no Thomas. I'm Pelumi."

"Hop in voluntarily or reluctantly. Don't allow force," the man said.

"But I need to get home now or my parents wouldn't be at peace. I'm sorry for what I did."

"Sir, let me train him a bit," the muscular guy by Pelumi's right said.

"No, don't create a scene here. Come in Pelumi," the man said.

"But I said I'm sorry." Pelumi gave the fair-skinned driver a sorry look. "Sir, I'm sorry for what I said, I said it without caution."

The guy smiled. "Alright, Pelumi."

"God saves you," the man said.

Pelumi smiled, already bored to death. "Thank you then."

"You need a job, right?" The man asked.

"Of course, I said I do."

"Can you drive?"

"I can drive, in as much as it's a car."

"Very well?"

"Pelumi is an expert. While I was in school, I used to drive a taxi to help my parents."

"Alright then, give me your phone number."

Pelumi gave his mobile number to the man and he called immediately.

"I'm Anthony, but you can just call me Tony."

"I'll say Captain Tony, right?"

"I said, Tony."

Pelumi watched the car drive past and sighed. He was surprised that he had no fear within him while he conversed with the military men.

To be continued ⏩ 

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