Hey! Sir Hood - Chapter Four



Eniola stapled some files together. "So tell me, what's bad about this guy?"

"Nothing. I just don't love him."

"Okay then."Minutes later, their boss arrived with his attaché case carried by Alfred. They stood to greet him.

"Good morning Sir."

"Good morning. How was your night?"

"It was fine and yours Sir?"

"It was equally fine. Thank you," he said as he walked towards his office. He turned to them and called, "Pemisire."

She stood again. "Yes Sir."

"I hope you saw the notice."

"It was Eniola that saw it and I've started work on it already."

"In a word, you're not through with it?"

"Yes sir but I'm almost through."

"It's alright."

She watched him leave and sat again, brushing the fringe of her hairdo aside. Alfred returned, greeted them and left.

"Or do you have some crush on our boss?" Eniola asked, staring at Pemisire.

"Enny, I'm not in for your talks. At this stage of my life, I can only love. I can't have any crush or grind for a man."

Pemisire quickly browsed through the files. "THE MAYs will be holding a conference with us and three others in one of their conference rooms on Friday, I guess boss will go with you."

"He'll go with me when Beatrice is there? You must be joking," Eniola said.

"Sure I am. Don't mind my bad sense of humour," Pemisire said.

Eniola hissed. "At times, you'll want to sound nice but instead you sound pathetic."

Pemisire laughed. "You're envious I'm sure of that."

"I'm not. Why will I?"

"I am," Pemisire said truthfully. "But she's not the one that hindered me from having enough qualifications to stand her."

"Well, I'm satisfied where I am. She's only a step above us, isn't that enough?"

"I know it's a lie and I can't hide behind any façade. I envy her for good. I wish I were the one in her position."

"I'm sure if you have a chance of getting her below you, you will," Eniola said.

"Good chances. Like me having higher grades in studies but I can't stress myself to further any education and also, Beatrice has well-to-do parents. I can't compare myself with her."

"Now you're talking."

Beatrice's office was empty. She went straight to his door and knocked.

"Come in."

She entered with the files in her hands. Her court shoes clinked as she walked to him on his seat. She stood before his desk.

"Place them down."

She placed the files on his desk. "Sir, can I leave?"

He looked up at her and her heart fluttered. She bowed her head, avoiding his piercing eyes. There was no doubt, he has captured her heart.

"Sit down Pemisire."


"You heard me."

She sat down on the swivel chair before her boss, feeling nervous.

He was checking the files and was signing alongside. "You can hear her voice, can't you?"

She wondered who he was talking of. She listened and heard Dunmininu singing worship songs to God.

"She attends a white garment church like you, doesn't she?"

Pemisire nodded. "Yes Sir."

"So why is it that I've never seen you or heard you praying or just singing like her? She used to go on fasting but you don't. Every worker here knows she's a devoted Christian. Why is yours different?" Her boss asked.

She bowed her head, looking at her fingers. "I used to pray and sing too, you just do not know."

"How do you want me to believe you?"

"It's just..." she trailed off as their eyes met. She longed to have a taste of his lips. She wanted him to hold her in his arms. The feeling was fervent.

"Be free to talk to me Pemisire. This is not about work. It's about personal matters, so talk. I just want to clear my thoughts."

Pemisire was surprised that her boss could talk of anything other than work. She would have been glad if the chat had to do with her feelings for him. "I used to fast and pray too but I follow Bible doctrines. My belief is based on what Jesus says and wants."

"Like?" Pelumi asked curiosity sketched over his face.

She was not sure if he was that curious. "In the Book of Matthew chapter six, Jesus told us how to behave when we are praying in verse five and six. How to fast in verse sixteen to eighteen plus this is a company, not a prayer camp."

Pelumi nodded with a smile full of admiration. "So in one word, you do your things secretly so that God can exalt you publicly?" He asked.

"Yes Sir," Pemisire answered.

"That's good then. You know, that's why it's good to ask before going into conclusion. One would think you're just a Christian by the tag 'Christian.'" Then he added, "why don't you let your friend know that what she's doing isn't right?"

"I am in no position to judge. Apostle James warned against that in James four verse eleven to twelve. Jesus himself warned us not to judge anyone. Apostle Paul did in his epistle to the Corinthians. Who am I to judge? Am I spotless?"

Pelumi nodded. "Jesus said we should not notice the speck of wood in our neighbour's eyes when we have a log of wood in ours, but all the same, you should correct her."

"I did. I did in no one's presence, just the two of us and she got angry. She said I and my holier-than-thou attitude. I felt really bad."

He smiled. "It's alright. Maybe she's also following some Bible doctrines, why don't you ask her?"

"Jesus said wherever you are not welcomed, shake the dust off your sandals and flee. I can't correct her any longer but you can do, she'll surely respect you for who you are."

"It will just appear like I'm compelling her. It's alright Pemisire, you can go back to work."

"Alright, Sir."

On her way back to her office, she found Beatrice on her seat. She greeted her but Beatrice mumbled her greetings. She got to her seat and greeted Dunmininu, who had just finished chanting hallelujah.

"Only God knows if I'll be able to endure the remaining fasting. Lent should just go and one should rest," Dunmininu said.

"At least you are trying. Here's someone who'll never fast," Eniola said.

"Please please, don't gossip about me in my presence. It's very early in the morning. Wait till noon if you badly want to."

The girls laughed, "Holy Mary."

To be continued...

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