Breakfast in Swatho - One



Something rang and it succeeded in driving me out of sleep. I thought it was the alarm clock but when I checked, I discovered that was my mobile phone. The call had ended. I checked the caller ID and 'HATE' displayed on it. I knew it was not his fault. I was the one who had slept off while replying chats on Facebook. I checked the time and it was 1:05 a.m.! Oh, God! Was he calling me for a midnight meeting with the witches?!

The phone started ringing again. I declined the call and immediately switched off my phone. 'What rubbish!' I rolled on the bed but sleep seemed far away. 'Oh, that bastard!'

I do not know when the whip of sleep hit me, all I know is that the alarm woke me at exactly 6 a.m. I stretched and went out of bed, then knelt to pray. After prayer, I switched on my phone while lying on the bed again and a message from 'HATE' entered immediately.

I had a choice, to delete the message without reading or reading it. As much as I wanted to delete it, fangs of curiosity hit me. I opened the message and read;

" Hello, Brenda! 

     I'm not going to give up on you!

                       Cos we are meant to be.

                                             Lots of love, 


Rubbish! Meant to be? His message infuriated me more. I replied to his message with:

"Hi, Tee! Just want to let you know. 

If we are meant to be, then we're gonna be...


                                    Out of hatred, 


To be continued ⏩ 

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