Breakfast In Swatho - Three




My face fell as my eyes befell the note containing where I would be going. Every student in my department from the first year to the final year were all going on a tour and we were passed notes containing where we would be going. Mine read; Dark Woods. I shuddered as I kept trying to figure out how being in the wild forest would be. I wondered why they would want us to go to where we could die.

"Hey, Brenda," Lisa, one of my friends called. "What luck! I'm going to Havanna Beach!" She screamed delightfully.

"Same here!" Harvey and two others yelled.

"I'm going to Will's park. It is a fun park," Dorothy, the girl behind my seat announced.

"Same here," Theodore and two others said.

"Is anyone else going to a place that starts with a D?" I asked, not knowing how to pronounce it without scaring the class.

Silence hung about.

"Mine is L.I.M zoological Garden," Dave said. "Won't it be boring?" He asked.

My voice shook as I asked, "boring?"

Everyone kept quiet.

"What's wrong Brenda?" Denise, my other friend asked.

"Where are you going?" Lisa asked quietly.

"Dark Woods," I mumbled. 

"D...Dark...Dark..." Denise spluttered.

"Dark Woods?" The whole class screamed in fright.

The picture of each place had been posted on the notice board and we had seen them earlier. Dark Woods' picture had scared us to the bone. We had all prayed that they do not ask us to go there but I was to go there!

"How come?" Lisa asked.

"I don't know!" I screamed, totally frightened.

"Hey guys, Dark Woods isn't as bad as you think. Elena was there last year and she said nothing harmful is there," Jack said.

"It is a lie! It is a forest with wild animals," Eric countered.

"No, it is not," someone with a sonorous voice said from the door.

We all turned to the owner of the intruding voice at the door and lo, it was Tee.

"Tee," some of us called.

He walked towards me and stopped like a yard away, "let these three words come to your mind whenever you try to picture Dark Woods. Say them after me, copse."

"Copse," we said.

"Spinney," he said.

"Spinney," we repeated.

"Grove," he said.

"Grove," we repeated.

"Those words do not match the scary name it has and the picture," Dave said.

"Yes," he answered. "The name is just to make the place appear wild and good for tourism."

"Okay," some of them chorused.

"My sister was there last year and she said it was fun. They had fun than the rest of us who went elsewhere. She told me to keep having those words in my mind whenever I think of Dark Woods and it worked. Three months ago, we were there on our own with her friends and I realized that the place is not worth any fear," Tee said.

"Really?" We chorused.

He smiled, "yes." He walked closer to me and said, "Brenda, as luck would have it, I and two of my friends are going there. Two more friends of my friends are also going there. We will  have the best of fun." 

"No one is going there in our class except me," I said.

"Then you have me. You can stay with me, can't you?" 

I nodded.

He smiled triumphantly, "You see, bread needs tea."

I simply smiled too.

To be continued...

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