Breakfast In Swatho - Four




Our bus arrived at Dark Woods at dawn and we were to leave by dusk. I realized that Dark Woods is just as it was named and not the harmless names Tee gave it.

"You lying dumbass!" I shrieked on alighting the bus.

He laughed. "Spare me, angel."

His friends laughed too.

"It is not right to scare people when you know they're embarking on a scary adventure," Ritchie said.

"You said copse, spinney, grove! Oh my God! This is a jungle!" 

Others joined the laughter.

"Your friends are right by not letting you get scared," Edwin, our coordinator said. "Anyway, be calm because there's no harm. Enjoy the tour and don't forget that you will jot down your experience when we get back to school. Also remember, you are to go in groups."

"Okay Sir," others chorused and started going in different directions.

Tee bopped me, "Brenda, you don't need to be afraid. I'm here with you."

I nodded as I patted my forehead repeatedly. "Oh mum, oh dad, your daughter has been lured into Dark Woods."

Tee smiled as he squeezed my hand in his. "Let's have fun Brenda." He backed his rucksack and I did the same. "Hey guys, let's go and have the best of fun." 

"Yeah!" His friends said in unison. 

I, Tee and his four friends went in another direction. I held firmly to Tee's hand. I could see how happy he was to see me clinging on to him but I had no choice; all my ego and guts had gone with the wind. I glanced about, expecting to see wild animals. I glanced at the deciduous and evergreen trees. We dropped our rucksacks. Kirk and Bruce swung on the birch branches. Theodore sat under the willow close to the stream.

I stood beside Tee whom I had deprived of having fun.

"Hey guys, let's talk," Theodore said. "Brenda, we want to have guys' talk."

My heart skipped. "Okay." 

Tee and the three others went to Theodore under the willow and started talking quietly.

"Hey! Guys look at that!" Ritchie screamed. 

I startled.

"It is a snake!" Kirk said.

"No, it is a python!" Bruce countered. 

I was petrified; my knees knocked.

They darted into different directions. Tee swiftly got hold of my arm and we ran in another direction.

To be continued...

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