Breakfast In Swatho - Five




"Stay here."

His voice was breathy when he said those two words. I watched him scurry out of the room like a rabbit. I was so uneasy. The place was so dark. I looked for the switch so that I could put on the light. I found one and as I placed my finger on it to switch on the light, I remembered his warning while we were on our way through the woods.

"Do not switch on the lights."

But I was scared. I pressed on the switch and the lights came on. 

"Aargh!" I screamed in utter fright.

The room was in disarray. It was deserted and cobwebs hung about. There were geckos. The room was so rough and the walls had dirt all over.

'No, no, Tee must be out of his mind to think that I will stay here,' I thought as I shook my head in deep fear.

I switched off the light and the fears multiplied. I felt like a monster was about to throttle me so I hurriedly switched on the light again but there was no monster.

I switched off the light again and immediately stepped out of the house. I sighed as I faced the woods. I looked back at the deserted house and remembered Tee's last words.

"Stay here."

I shook my head. I would not stay there.  I ran into the woods. It was mid-day. I ran towards the woods but I started noticing the leaves and creepers gyrating. The atmosphere gave me an omen. I stopped abruptly. 'What have I done?' By then, I was under a tree with a brown bark.

Masked men covered with leaves and with painted masks like savages came out of the woods and zeroed in on me with their clubs. I turned around in fright. As the last thing I felt I could do when they were so close to me, I shut my eyes, covered my ears with my palms and shrilled, "Tee!"

Everywhere became silent. I opened my eyes to find the masked men where they were. They started approaching me again. 'What have I done to myself?'

I made to run but a snare caught my leg and in a jiffy, I was hanging at the top of the huge tree. The masked men that were watching did nothing. I remembered that Tee gave me a pen knife. It was in my bossom. I tried to bend, I did and quickly pulled it out. My eyes caught something on one of the branches of the tree. I looked again and discovered that it was a green snake. It was coming! I wanted to cut the creepers but the snake was...was...coming!  As the best thing that I thought I could do, I aimed at the snake's head and threw the knife. I remembered aiming at the target during archery and darts throwing at school. 

The snake curled and the knife hit it on its body instead. The snake dropped from the tree onto one of the masked men's club. The masked man hit the snake against the tree and crushed its head.

I also had a dart on my hair with which I parked my hair in a bun. I removed it and tried to cut the creepers but I could not bend to it. I tried and my hand reached a branch.  I held on to the branch and climbed the tree branch then severed the creepers tying my legs. 

When my legs were free, I sighed but the masked men were still under the tree with their clubs. They knew there was nothing I could do. I felt something moving on the tree above my head and I trembled with fear. I gently looked above me and I saw a snake bringing down its head towards me with its mouth widely open.

Fear made my sense dissipate quickly! I let go of the branch and fell all the way down the tree.

"Aargh!" I screamed as I fell.

I landed in the firm hands of one of the masked men under the tree. I looked at his masked face in fear. He brought his hand to my face and caressed it. He took my hand to his face and pulled of the mask.

"Tee!" I screamed.

Others pulled off their masks too and I realized that they were his friends whom we had earlier lost in the woods. 

"Stay here," Tee said. 

Kirk laughed. "Game over."

Others joined in laughing. 

"Hope you enjoyed the fun?" Bruce asked.

"You idiots! Was that fun of fear! You wanted to kill me!?" I asked with a yell.

Tee held me around the waist. "I'm sure you enjoyed it. That is better than just being moody. We actually want you to find something interesting to write when we return to school."

I smiled. "You guys almost killed me."

"We apologise for that, Brenda."

I sighed. "Well, thanks. That was hell of a thrilling experience."

They laughed.

To be continued...

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