Seeming Cuckoo



Work is a tangible excuse for a seeming cuckoo,
She bore her child to be fostered by another;
Hardly could the child see his mother,
Father travels to a conference in Addis Ababa,
Mother's business seemly teleports her overseas.

Feathered by a mother of her offsprings,
Who would not cater to him as hers;
Left dishevelled and exhausted almost every time,
Pangs of hunger and claws of unsatisfied wants,
Turns him into a light-fingered gentleman.

Mixed with the corrupted ones on the street,
Totally in control of his livelihood,
Never mind if there is any meal at home;
He joined a street gang; professional rustlers,
Parents' call every day was of no use.

Net of the law got the youngster and his gang,
Busy parents were back home in a jiffy,
Thousands of pleas went into the air;
Father, the tycoon pulled necessary strings,
Bail is FREE but FREE is not free.

Who is to blame?
Parents?   Guardians?   Youngster?

Parents and guardians became counsellors,
They could blame no one for the misdeed;
Now he is addicted to stealing,
Having enough yet discontented,
Next was looking for means to curb this act.

Marriage?   Job?  Close watch?
Rehabilitation centres?

Then he left. He left home.
What is the remedy?
What could have prevented it all?

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