Never bite the finger that feeds you.
Never hurt the heart that loves you. 
Never blame the ones that begot you. 
Never query the God that made you. 
Never curse the ones that curse you. 
Never hurt the ones that curse you. 

Never regret coming into this world. 
Never hate the person you are. 
Never mock the ones in misery. 
Never love the cruel acts of the world. 
Never mingle with the ones that ruin. 
Never mock your enemy when he falls. 

Never think of the sins of the past. 
Never brood on the loss of the past. 
Never cry over things you have completely lost. 
Never waste today's time with yesterday's thoughts. 
Never stop planning for the future. 
Never think you are too poor or young to give. 

Never give in to the feeling of being inferior. 
Never abhor or hold grudges. 
Never have negative thoughts or be a pessimist. 
Never hurt any animal that is harmless. 
Never feel too proud or find it hard to say thanks. 
Never ever have a single vice in your virtues. 

- Never! 

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